Everything I need to know about sound design, I learned from Ruth Bader Ginsburg

By Elisabeth Weidner, SoundGirls.org 29. October 2020

Elisabeth Weidner, Soundgirls, highlights words of wisdom from the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and their application for a sound designer. 

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Guide to becoming a media server professional – Part 9: The network standards

By David Aleksandersen 23. July 2020

Have you considered becoming a professional media server operator or user? Unsure of what technical skills you need to become one? In the ninth blog in the series, we look at networked video and audio standards – a topic that seems hotter than ever these days.

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Temaer: network video, audio, network device interface, mediaserver, professional

Guide to becoming a media server professional – Part 2: The tech

By David Aleksandersen 12. October 2019

Are you thinking about becoming a professional media server operator or user, but aren't sure which skills you need? I asked this as an open question to a Facebook group of Media Server Professionals, and the response was overwhelming. This is the second in a series of blogs inspired by their valuable recommendations on traits, tools, media server approach, content and technologies to know, with my own experience thrown into the pot, too. Keep an eye out for a full-blown eBook on the subject later on!

“Dear fellow Media Server Professionals, I am writing an article about things you should know or learn as a fresh media server operator. Like a small best-practice guide, both on soft skills and hardware to know.  

I would highly appreciate your input on this. What would an experienced professional like yourself say to a newbie?”

This second blog looks at media server philosophy and hones in on audio and video. Let's get going… 

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Common audio formats: Which one to use?

By David Aleksandersen 28. February 2019

Audio comes in a wide range of formats and types, just like video and images. For a media server operator, knowing your way around the audio jungle is a real plus, potentially saving you time, effort and some sleepless nights. This blog looks at the three major audio categories, and gives media server programmers a hot tip on audio format!

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What is the difference between a codec and a container?

By David Aleksandersen 4. April 2018

Are you finding containers and codecs and the difference between them a tad challenging? You are not the only one! 

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Temaer: audio, standards, video, codec, container, format

Think audio and your audience will thank you

By Nevil Bounds 7. March 2018

For some people it’s the main feature, for others it’s an afterthought. Industry-veteran Nevil Bounds sounds off on audio.

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What is ASIO, and how can it improve media server audio playback?

By David Aleksandersen 11. December 2017

ASIO (Audio Stream Input Output), is a proprietary multi-channel audio interface, developed by Steinberg, which bypasses the operating system's mixing kernel to provide the lowest latency direct communication between the media server and the sound hardware. 

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