How can remote content improve collaboration between producers and content creators?

By David Aleksandersen 25. January 2023

Putting together a media server show is often a collaboration between producers, content creators and show programmers. In an ideal world, everybody knows exactly what the others are doing and delivers the right content at the right time in the process. How can remote content improve collaboration and build a better show creation process? That's the question addressed in this article. 

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What is remote content and how does it relate to media servers?

By David Aleksandersen 23. December 2022

In this article we focus on three familiar concepts in the AV industry – remote content, content management solutions, media servers – and home in on their potential as a combined force. What kind of impact can remote content and management have on media servers, for both content and show creators? What are the challenges and, most importantly, what are the benefits?

But first, let's define the concepts…

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Temaer: future, displays, content, mediaserver, remote content

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