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Elisabeth is a sound designer, composer, and engineer based on California’s Central Coast. She holds a degree in Commercial Music from Florida State University, and has been working professionally in the live sound industry for over 15 years. She is currently the Sound Director and Resident Sound Designer/Composer for PCPA, Pacific Conservatory Theatre, where she started as the resident FOH Engineer. She has composed two full length young audience musicals, and is always working on the next one. Elisabeth also freelances as an audio/video technician at a local concert venue and as a West Coast sound designer for theatre.

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Everything I need to know about sound design, I learned from Ruth Bader Ginsburg

By Elisabeth Weidner, SoundGirls.org 29. October 2020

Elisabeth Weidner, Soundgirls, highlights words of wisdom from the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and their application for a sound designer. 

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5 Easy Steps To Becoming Rich and Famous While Working in the Sound Industry

By Elisabeth Weidner, SoundGirls.org 26. July 2019


Ok, well, you failed the first test. There’s no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme gone right, and the internet savagely preys on poor, unsuspecting dreamers to feed their click-bait web of lies. Don’t do it! Scroll away….scroll away!! While I cannot provide you with riches and stardom (please see my stack of student loan debt for details), I can provide some insight on building a recognizable name for yourself in this industry. Remember that everything takes time, and everything takes continued effort, but Future You will thank Past You if the Present You puts in the work. 

By Elisabeth Weidner, writing for SoundGirls.org

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