Guide to becoming a media server professional – part 1

By David Aleksandersen 26. September 2019

Have you considered becoming a professional media server operator or user, but aren't sure which skills you need? After meeting with many keen students and fledgeling operators over the years at trade shows and in the classroom, I posed the question below to a Facebook group of Media Server Professionals and asked for their thoughts on the matter. This article is the first of two, presenting their valuable recommendations.

“Dear fellow Media Server Professionals, I am writing an article about things you should know or learn as a fresh media server operator. Like a small best-practice guide, both on soft skills and hardware to know.  

I would highly appreciate your input on this. What would an experienced professional like yourself say to a newbie?”

I was not surprised by the level of helpfulness in the media server community, but I was admittedly amazed by the sheer volume of responses. 

Here's an overview of what I will cover in this article. In a later post, I will tackle the technical stuff. And, because the feedback was so overwhelming and many topics deserve more than a few short sentences, don’t be surprised if there’s a more comprehensive eBook on the subject available at a later date!

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10 tips on how you can improve your next corporate event

By David Aleksandersen 21. February 2018

Are you planning your next corporate event? Planning may not be the most exciting part of the event, but thinking things through in advance will hopefully avert some of the biggest headaches on the day – and help ensure success. Here are 10 tips for you to consider for your next event with focus on how to add the WOW factor!

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