Behind the scenes: Show networking best practices

By John Huntington 24. May 2018

This list of best practices originates from a lively panel discussion at the latest North American Theatre Engineering Conference (NATEAC) chaired by John Huntington, Professor of Entertainment Technology, and author of the industry must-read, 'Show Networks and Control Systems' (new edition out now!). It represents at least 30 years accumulated expertise in the industry, deploying, advising and educating about show networks. Read on…

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How to understand DMX and avoid potential pitfalls

By David Aleksandersen 12. January 2018

DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a digital network communication standard, mostly used to control lighting equipment. With the versatility of the standard making it increasingly popular in other applications,it's time to learn about DMX, and how to avoid potential pitfalls using it!  

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What is NDI™ (Network Device Interface)?

By David Aleksandersen 11. December 2017

NDI™ (Network Device Interface) is a free protocol for Video over IP, developed by NewTek. It is designed to allow distribution of live professional video over existing IP infrastructure, freeing users from hardware constraints and gives the benefits of reduced cost and deployment time.

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