blog_2019We're looking ahead to a great 2019 with a round-up of ten of our most popular blog posts from 2018. From 4K, SDI explained, to mapping, content management and time-management, we hope you'll enjoy catching up on posts you may have missed.

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    • Have you got what it takes to build your own media server?
    • Inside a projection designer's mind
    • Tech check: BlackTrax realtime motion tracking 
    • What are the most important tools for a video pro?
    • Five examples of creative booth design
    • What is SDI?
    • Time and the account manager
    • 4K, 8K, 16K: The race for higher resolutions is on!
    • Get inspired: Light and mapping festivals around the world
    • Content management for media servers: what, why and how

Have you got what it takes to build your own media server?

media_server_build_headerReady to invest in a media server? Take your time, because choosing the right solution for your application requires careful thought and consideration. And before you do anything, you need to tackle the central issue: should you build your own media server or opt for a pro off-the-shelf unit? In this blog post, we take a look at some of the key factors to keep in mind before making the final call.

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RMallin_blog_3Up-and-coming theatre projection designer Robert Mallin shares his experience working on the award-winning video design and realization of “ENRON” at the University of Texas at Austin. Find out how he tackled the creative and practical aspects of the design which featured eight overhead screens, two projectors and a barrage of information.

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TECH CHECK: BlackTrax realtime motion tracking 

BT_blog_LEAD-1In this tech check, we take a look at real-time motion tracking and, more specifically, BlackTrax.  Igor Silva from manufacturer CAST gives a quick rundown of the system and the overall benefits of the technology. Read on… 


What are the most important tools for a video professional?

Blog tools leadAs any craftsman will tell you, it’s not only a matter of knowing what you’re doing, but also having the right tools for the job. And in the case of video professionals, there are an awful lot of tools out there. Here's a list of essential items, now add your own! Read on…


Five examples of creative booth design

tradeshow_blog_4Ready for some trade show inspiration? We've highlighted five booths that grabbed the attention of busy visitors with their creative use of visual effects. Enjoy!

    • The dancing screens; the ribbon; the truss game; the mapped room; the canyon. Read on…

What is SDI?

June newsletterSDISerial Digital Interface (SDI) is a professional digital video interface standard in use since the early 90s. From its relatively humble beginnings to 8K support, here's what you need to know about SDI and its benefits compared to other interface standards.
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blog_timeBoth the technology we use to communicate and the role of the account manager in the AV world have changed hugely over the years. Industry veteran Nevil Bounds muses on time, tech and shifting roles. 
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4K, 8K, 16K: The race for higher resolutions is on!

Blog 16K lead-1Now we have embraced 4K, manufacturers are gearing up for 8K resolutions – and beyond! What are the benefits and challenges of higher resolutions? What products are there in the market?
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Light & mapping festivals around the world


Light festivals have their roots in religious and cultural beliefs, as people celebrated the end of the darkest time of the year and the return of lighter, longer days. Nowadays, festivals are often synonymous with artistry on a grand scale, showcasing innovative lighting sculptures, contemporary music and stunning projection-mapping on architectural icons. As the nights draw in (at least here in Scandinavia), why not immerse yourself in the outdoor magic of a light festival and get inspired? Read on…

Content management for media servers: what, why and how

Blog content management lead-1By Jochri Michel. People often ask me what I’m doing when they see me sitting on the left or right of one (or up to three) WATCHOUT operators. “Me? I’m the content manager. Just give me your data and I’ll deal with it,” I usually reply. Judging by the number of blank looks I receive, the concept of content management is not as clear-cut as you might think. Here’s a brief look at what we do, why, and how content management could make your next production even smoother! Read on…



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