Piotr_op_blogThis week we're talking to Piotr Majewski, co-founder of MOOV, a multi-disciplinary design and production house. The award-winning Poznan-based studio prides itself on its mix of creative and engineering talent, designing innovative solutions for everything from conference setups, to cultural experiences, to complex events for global brands. So what goes into making a successful event and why is smart thinking the way forward?

    • How did you get involved i the AV industry?
    • What was this year's event highlight and why?
    • What's your advice for ensuring a successful event?
    • What does the future hold in technology and trends?

How did you get involved in the av industry?

I like to say that I'm an artist with an engineering degree or an engineer who has always been an artist. I studied electronics (topping it with an MA in marketing), but my first love was music and design. Fortunately, in this industry, they all go hand-in-hand!


Having gained insight into the world of sales and audio industry, I recognised that there was an enormous potential and demand for professional multimedia solutions in Poland and started MOOV with my partner Agata Dutka. Our first commissions were in live events and the exhibition sector, both for museums and businesses. Our hallmark is a creative approach and ability to put new interactive technologies into action. And now any mapping projection, interactive systems, visualisation, AR/VR or other new tech stuff are no secret to us.

I always try to provide professional multimedia solutions tailored to meet the needs of clients whether it's for conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, museums, product presentations, memorable events or television projects. What makes us stand out is the fact that with our own equipment and latest software for multimedia production, we offer innovative solutions that make the events gain extra value and go beyond the expectations of the viewer.

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what was This year's event highlight and why?

It has to be the Opera Touch Launch Event which took place in April 2018. The launch was a live and global event supposed to be viewed and evaluated by thousands of users in real time. There wasn’t time for corrections. Everything had to be in perfect sync from the start of the event. 

MOOV developed and created the unconventional virtual launch event. The idea of the event was to create a community-oriented live event streamed online. Our intention was to develop a show that would be more immersive for people watching in front of the computer than the audience at the venue.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.43.22

We do a lot of events, theater and trade shows so this was quite a departure from our usual way of working. The animation and 3D mapping effects we created were predominantly visible for the internet spectators. The event was concluded with a special Q&A session after the presentation when the on-line audience could interact with the developers and ask them questions directly.


A challenge we faced was to create an involving experience for the whole community, but also to cater to the needs of an ambitious high-tech company, which could match even massive productions for the biggest players. We chose a smart approach to available resources without compromising on quality. We basically took a simple set with a presenter, screen and projector and then maxed it to a 3D projection surface and strongest laser projectors. The key visual effect was based on the new mobile browser logotype. We highlighted the main features of the new Opera browser during the presentation by empowering them with 3D mapping animations.

Watch highlights from the event on Vimeo here.

WHAT'S YOUR ADVICE for ensuring a successful event?

Just two words: MORE TIME :)

You know, everything is possible, but amazing stuff needs time. We adjust our work to the needs of clients and, thanks to that, we are able to provide custom, unique and creative solutions for both small and large projects.

In our studio we have no departments, so the client has the opportunity to work directly with us. They need to know that a company such as ours is for them. They need to know that we are the experts and we know what we are doing.

If a client has an idea, it’s very important to connect with them as soon as possible to verify the idea, what is possible, what not, or what can be done better and easier. This helps to reduce unnecessary work for them. By working on projects and ideas in an agile way, you can develop the concept better.


I think that we are going to see some great innovation in technology that will fuel new trends. But you should think about innovation more as evolution than revolution. It’s a good thing because the market is not ready for revolution. Now, we need to push the boundaries of existing technology. Clients are already familiar with the available tools and the main thing is to show them that we can create great things using such solutions.

Using the available tools in a smart way makes some solutions more economical. You don't always need the most expensive tools, hardware or software available to create something amazing, something new. As I said previously about the Opera event, we took a simple set with a presenter, screen and projector and then maxed it to a 3D projection surface enhancing it with 3D mapping animations. Simple, but smart. Smart is the key word. Recently, LG used such motto: “Simple is the new smart.” I think it is still valid. I would say, on the contrary, we actually need limitations, e.g. in the technological development. Limitations inspire creativity.

We come from Poland and Polish smart thinking means making something out of nothing, reinventing and re-purposing. Think innovatively, act smart. So you need to innovate or someone else will. You need to experiment – it’s a base of innovation. You don’t want to be locked in the status quo when the market is moving on.

So what does the future hold in technology and trends? My answer is: it depends on you. We are limited only by our imagination. And the budget ;)


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