Blog mapping examples E3For many people, mapping is synonymous with architectural projection, bringing buildings to life. In this short piece, we highlight five other projection applications, some old and some new. Go map…

    • On the ice
    • On a plate
    • On a cube
    • On a sculpture
    • On a moving model

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on the ice

Maxing the drama and creating an atmosphere, ice projections are always appreciated by spectators. During the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs, Canadian ice-projection specialists Dangers Inc handled projection design, setup and operation for four teams: Tampa Bay Lightning, San Jose Sharks, Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets. The playout system was WATCHOUT and content for the CBJ projections was by

Video: Columbus Blue Jackets ice projections


Malaysia’s first multi-sensory fine-dining experience serves up 360° wall projection and some mind-blowing table-mapping. The dining area features 10 Panasonic projectors, content and WATCHOUT system by Pixel World.

Video: Multi-sensory dining in Malaysia 


The E3 (E-mmersive Experiential Environments) install at Singapore's Science Centre includes full-wall projections, and a freestanding 6 x 9 meter projection-mapped cube in the centre of the hall. The projection-mapped cube works in sync with the wall projections to create an underwater atmosphere at the experience center. Content creators and digital consultants were Singapore-based Digimagic Communications.

Read more about E3, Singapore

On a sculpture

Shogyo Mujo is a collaboration by BARTKRESA studio and sculptor Josh Harker. This stunning sculptural installation stands 12 feet tall and has been lauded for its creativity in 3D projection mapping. After sojourns at festivals such as Burning Man, this unique work of art is currently on display in Las Vegas.

Info, images and video showing Shogyo Mujo

Blog mapping examples boothOn a moving model

This demo was created by MOOV for Dataton as an illustration of a new feature in WATCHOUT: motion tracking mapping. The model was used as an eye-catcher at the Dataton trade show booths in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Las Vegas. 

Video teaser from Dataton booth, ISE 2018


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