10_technologies.jpgHow will the next technological turning points change your life? Will more happen in the next 3 years than the previous 300? 

The development of technology over the past 3oo years can be summarized with 3 major turning points that occurred a century apart. Right now, we have 10 major technological turning points with much bigger force individually than the 3 big ones combined. They’re happening simultaneously and not with years in between – but months. 

Top 3 developments over the last 300 years

  1. The industrial revolution started when Watt and his steam engine found a way to use energy created by a machine to replace raw muscle power.
  2. When we managed to power up machines and distribute it for "everyone's" use, we initiated a prosperity development unlike anything else in human history.

  3. Internet democratized knowledge, and mobile phones made virtually unlimited computing power available to almost everyone in the world.

Top 10 list for new technologies that will change our lives

  1. Artificial intelligence will permeate all technology. Smart objects, homes and cities will become everyday life – if it isn’t AI connected, "it doesn’t work".

  2. Autonomous transportation. Our view of transportation as a concept will be radically altered by autonomous vehicles and drones.

  3. 3D printers. Today we have a printer at home and at the office. In the future, 3D printing will change how we develop, sell, produce and distribute physical objects previously manufactured in low-cost countries.

  4. Robotizing and automation.  With robotizing and automation of physically demanding, time-consuming and repetitive tasks, we will free up human resources to deal with more meaningful tasks.

  5. Augmented reality and virtual reality. With augmented and virtual reality, we will no longer observe from a distance, but can connect and collaborate virtually with objects and people – regardless of time and space.

  6. Internet of Things (IoT). With IoT, any physical object will be connected. Major platform owners will not only trace what we do, but also what we do, and how physical objects share and communicate with us. Physical objects will communicate and learn from each other – independently of human interaction.

  7. Biotechnology. We will see major advances in the field of biotechnology, where medicine turns into information technology and, step-by-step, we will solve challenges with diseases and aging. We will edit DNA in humans and animals. Advances in the eradication of diseases can eventually reinforce the hereditary traits we strive for and remove those we don’t. Ethical or unethical? Our opinion does not really matter - this happens in countries that do not care what we may think.

  8. Blockchain. Blockchain and crypto currencies will liberate us from third parties that currently guarantee the execution of agreements and transactions. Blockchain and smart contracts will allow this to happen directly betweenindividuals and organizations. Crypto currencies will create a whole new economy. 

  9. Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology robots will modify atoms / molecules and thus change properties to physical materials as we know them, creating brand new materials with currently unknown properties.

  10. Quantum technology. This will break the barriers to exponential growth and create computers with a capacity that exceeds all existing computers in the world today.

Are we on the verge of an exponential technology development, unlike anything anyone has ever experienced - as Google's Raymond Kurzweil claims?

A few years back, the ten technologies above were considered science fiction, but they are happening – and fast. The above list is not complete and may be expanded with things like new energy sources, battery technologies and more – one thing is for sure, we live in exciting, fast-changing times. 

Will Musk succeed in taking us to the stars? What do you think? What other revolutionary technologies should be on the list?

Which of them have the biggest force to change your life? Which on the list do you think will have the biggest impact for you? 

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This is a translated version of Jan Sollid Storehaug´s LinkedIn post "10 Teknologiske vendepunkter som vil forandre din hverdag og jobb de neste 3 år"