Whether you’ll be spending the impending holidays relaxing with family, programming a show or working an event, you deserve that special gift!

We asked a bunch of AV pros what they’d most like for Christmas and here’s their top ten, together with some pretty solid motivations. 

Disclaimer: Gift ideas are listed in no particular order, are sometimes only loosely related to AV and range from low to BIG budget. 

    • Complete projection mapping setup
    • Mini projector
    • Laser measure
    • Headphones 
    • Flash-light
    • LED wall
    • Medium-size flight case on wheels
    • Waterproof keyboard
    • Hard hat
    • Inflatable dome


The perfect ice-breaker when you have your AV industry friends over! Not only will everyone have an opinion on the technology, they will definitely suggest tweaks on the setup or improvements on content. Just make sure you talk to your neighbors or local council first!

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2. Mini projector

Why? The tech is getting better all the time and when you reach into your bag (or pocket) and take one out, you are guaranteed to get a reaction! Also, as an AV pro, you probably do a fair amount of travel and sometime soon will want to watch your favourite TV show on a hotel ceiling.

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3. LASER Distance measure

This will help you resolve those onsite differences of opinion about how far away objects are, or how wide that stage is, or whether that screen really is 9 m high at one end and 7 m at the other (real-life example recently resolved because someone had a laser distance measure.)

blog_10gifts4. Headphones

You may be great at keeping track of your headphones, but a lot of people aren’t. Get a few extra sets and next time a colleague moans that they’ve lost theirs, hand ‘em over with a smile! Hey presto… you just got a new BFF!


The perfect gift to up the ante on your Christmas decorations. A professional LED wall will outdo your neighbour’s flashing reindeer, and putting those panels together is good therapeutic fun.


At some point during the holidays, it will be dark and you will feel the urge to escape from the festivities to check cables or do some cable management. And if you are working, you really need a torch (preferably on your head). This gadget may also be used to attract attention of reindeer if you feel Santa has missed your house.

7. Medium-size flight case on wheels

This is a key accessory if you want to inspire confidence onsite. A person pulling one of these is basically saying: “Hey I’m an AV pro and I know what I am doing”. You want to be that person.


8. WATERPROOF keyboard

Why? You know it will happen: you work late hours; you end up eating and drinking while you work. The coffee will tip, the soda will fizz, or the tarp above you will fill with rain and suddenly give way. Think ahead!

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9. Hard hat

Again, be prepared, just in case Santa Claus (or a clumsy co-worker) drops something hard on your head. Also see point 7 above. And remember to get one that conforms to the relevant personal protective equipment standards too (read about OSHA and ANSI requirements here). 


Or any other kind of temporary dome construction. This gift has been chosen purely for the show-off and “why not” factors. And if you need to justify spending time in there, rather than being with family and friends, you can always practise some dome mapping. 

Check out the video by Visio-Vox for some ideas!


Hint: If your friends still don’t know what to buy you, feel free to send them the list.

Hint #2: Even better, add your own favourite item in the comments field, then suggest your pals, partner or employer peruse the list!

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