Tom Bert

Tom Bert is a senior member of the product management team in Barco’s Entertainment division, responsible for the digital cinema servers and projectors. Based in Belgium, Tom has international experience in display technology and is a regular contributor to panel discussions on digital cinema. He holds a PhD degree in Engineering from Ghent University.

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Is there anyone out there… Digitization & the unmanned booth

By Tom Bert 29. December 2018


As movie theaters experience their usual holiday upswing, guest writer Tom Bert takes a look behind the scenes: at digitization in the cinema, its effect on operation and the unmanned booth!

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Temaer: technology, cinema

4K in cinema: past, present and future?

By Tom Bert 8. November 2018


This week's blog dives into the world of cinema image quality and format. Tom Bert, guest writer and digital cinema pro at projector manufacturer Barco, examines the digitization of the cinema, the buzz around HDR and what kind of image quality you can expect to see soon at a cinema near you!

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Temaer: HDR, technology, cinema, 4K

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