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Ian grew up in the Chicago theater scene working firstly as a carpenter and then AV specialist. After graduating North Central College in 2011 he began to work with WATCHOUT and projection systems in general. Ian currently works as a product specialist and lead trainer at Show Sage, LLC. He has been a WATCHOUT Super User for the past eight years and has taught WATCHOUT to others for almost five. When he’s not working with WATCHOUT, Ian enjoys motorcycling, board/ video gaming, and comics.

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Guide to becoming a media server pro – Part 11: Choosing a system

By Ian Johnson 11. March 2021


Have you thought about becoming a professional media server operator or user? Unsure of what technical skills you need to become one? In part 11 of our guide, Ian D. Johnson discusses characteristics when choosing media server software with the focus on his preferred system, Dataton WATCHOUT.
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Maximizing tech support: get ready, get smart

By Ian Johnson 12. September 2020

A Dataton Academy certified trainer with a background in theater technology, Ian Johnson has seen both sides of technical support, asking the questions as well as advising others. In this blog, he shares his three key strategies for maximizing tech support time and quality. Read on!

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