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ANDREW GORDON is the Vice President of Business Development for CAST Group of Companies. An early tech adopter, in his Automtd Andrew blog he looks at how automation has affected us in the past, how it continues to shape our environments, and how it will go on to define the future of work and leisure. Check out @automtd_andrew on Instagram!
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The changing landscape of live entertainment: Immersive experiences

By Andrew Gordon 2. November 2019

From extended reality to interactive technologies, immersive experiences have taken over the live entertainment industry. Using technology as a medium and art as technology, these experiences encapsulate modern expression while pushing the boundaries of our imagination, writes Andrew Gordon, automtd andrew

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Temaer: entertainment technology, creative, live entertainment industry

AI and creativity: Is automation the new medium?

By Andrew Gordon 30. August 2019

In the midst of a new wave of Automation Anxiety, creatives are beginning to realize the potential of automation to increase efficiencies, with some using technology to create new forms of expression that reflect the Digital Age and all its possibilities, writes Andrew Gordon, automtd andrew

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Temaer: automation, future, creative

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